Welcome to Best Bud B.C.

Cannabis Mail Order Service for Canadian consumers who may not have access to storefronts, from small communities, rural and remote locations, and for everybody who LOVES to smoke cannabis.

That’s right. You get the best bud in the world, delivered within 2 days directly to your door anywhere in Canada, and pay nothing for shipping!

* Must be 18 years or older to order


  • Robert Hussey
    Wow…just wow!I have never really “loved” a company…but this is the real deal. I LOVE BEST BUD BC. They shipped what i asked for plus some at better than street prices. I got it on time and the quality is unreal.I work in different locations around Canada and knowing that ill never have to meet some shady stranger in a parking lot and hope i dont get stabbed. Or even worse…go without… has given me piece of mind.
    Robert Hussey
  • Richard Garrison
    Best Bud BC is by far the best mail order site in Canada!. I have been around and nothing comes even close for quality of product and service. Everything from the packaging on up is so professional I was shocked to be honest. The whole process was smooth as stated and nothing was out of order or not as advertised. Amazing prices for what you are getting here, and if something goes wrong in the end they will correct it from what I have seen in posts from others. I did see the odd complaint in comments but these people are half retarded and are the type that will complain no matter how good things are, so never mind them and just order and enjoy great service and great products. Thanks Guys.
    Richard Garrison
  • Gerard LeDuc
    Was skeptical with my first order but it arrived 4 days after placing it. Placed a second order had a little glitz with that one, but it did eventually arrive after 3 weeks. Have since placed a couple more orders and everything’s been 100%. The product quality is excellent! I would and have recommended this site to friends. Thanks guys!!
    Gerard LeDuc
  • Catherine Long
    I’m pretty confident in ordering from this site now. My package got lost twice and they gave me a full refund.I ordered again and they even gave me a free gift to make up for the poor experience. I’ve only tried one other online seller, but I prefer the product here. I have only ordered 3 times, but I have faith in these sellers because of the way they handled the lost package. There was decent communication despite a back up of delivery complications and I did not lose my money.
    Catherine Long
  • Nela Krakov
    Best Bud BC  really knows how to make us smile. Thanks for a fantastic 10 purchasing experience.Felt like a kid on Christmas morning. In 2018 when the market becomes flooded with shopping options we will remember that Best Bud BC  took the lead and stuck it’s neck out.They are developing a strong and well deserved loyalty in grateful consumers across Canada. Well Done.
    Nela Krakov
  • David Allison
    This service is great! I  got my package so fast in Ontario in only 3 days. Seems stuff has been moving thru the weekend and either way these guys are the best. If your having problems with them please be patient because when your order arrives you will be more than pleased this is my 3rd order and this went out during the whole time people were complaining about a mess up which is Canada Post’s fault I believe. Anyways thanks for all the amazing service you got me for a long time happy customer!!!
    David Allison
  • Kristina Breau
    Best service ever. I didn’t get my sample with my last order, but I got one with every order before it. Good prices. Always quick. I’ve tried other sites, and this one…beats all the other sites HANDS DOWN! awesome packaging. Quick service. It’s almost like these people work around the clock!
    Kristina Breau
  • Andrew MacDonald
    On my 10th order and couldn’t be happier with the prices, quality of all products from bud to budder/shatter and even a few edibles, their communication has been responsive within a day anytime I had an issue, and any issue I had was due to my own impatience on a tracking number, which is uploaded late due to time differences so no issue. 5 Stars! Tahnks the Best Bud BC team!
    Andrew MacDonald
  • Isaac Vieira
    Isaac Vieira
  • Patty O'Lantern
    I am completely satisfied with my first purchase from this wonderful company. Ordering is painless and efficient, and I was able to track my order online. Product was exactly as presented in the pictures, and was top quality as promised. Very professional. Click. Ship. Chill. My hats off to the wonderful people at Best Bud BC. I am very thankful to have found you. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Peace!
    Patty O'Lantern
  • Charles Rogoski
    This is one of the best mom sites around, they always answer my questions fast and politely. Nothing bad to say about them at all so far I have been shown the upmost respect and never regret my purchases. When ordering make sure to read the description and comments if available to get the best idea of what you are ordering and try and remember that everyone’s tolerance and preferences are not all going to be the same! The BBB team does a great job with their photos and descriptions and have been more than generous with coupons and samples every now and then. Keep up the great work BBB I definitely appreciate everything you guys do for your customers and I hope everyone has the same to say about you and your products.
    Charles Rogoski
  • Mark Mayers
    I have made over 10 orders in the past few months and everything is always great from ordering all the way to receiving the package, not to mention how great the product is. Never disappointed here. Thanks the Best Bud B.C. team.
    Mark Mayers
  • Roger Aderson
    I have been ordering from Best Bud BC for months now and I have to say that your products are some of THE best not onl in BC but in  whole country !!! In my opinion, it is better then most of the cannabis from the registered LPs suppling many Veterans like myself. I have never been disappointed and, being on the East Coast, the delivery is actually quite fast. Your hash and concentrates are very tasty and effective for a variety of symptoms such as, moderate to severe pain, extreme anxiety/depression and sleep issues. All your bud smokes well, ash is kept intact, no harsh burning sensation when inhaling, the effects are surprising. Most of your indica based products are “heavy hitting” which I find really effective for relieving my constant nerve pain. I have tried other online weed dispensaries, but none compare to you guys!. Keep up the amazing work Best Bud BC team! I recommend this site to all my friends and ex army buddies. A real pleasure doing business with you!
    Roger Aderson
  • Janet Barker
    Love the product we’ve received, 3 orders placed already. The sample pack was a nice easy way to start out, and since then we have had nothing but great product and decent delivery times. The Grapefruit Kush is spectacular and super value, Bubba kush is amazing and Jamaican Sugaris a good day weed. Ordered the mini chocolate bars, and word to the wise, start with little pieces, not half a bar. Husband noticed no effect with the half bar, so in my innocence I thought I would take the other half and be fine. NOPE! It’s 24 hours later and my brain is still swimming! Do yourself a favor, and cut the bars into 1/4 pieces. Start small. Find a soft place to sit and chill.
    Janet Barker
  • Robert Hunter
    I have to say, Best Bud B.C. never fails to give me amazing service. Any time i have any sort of problem with an order or even just a question they always replies to my emails within a few hours and always fully helps me out. I have never got such great service anywhere else, I have told every one of my friends about your products and your service because the word about you guys needs to be spread. Keep up the amazing work!!
    Robert Hunter
  • Matt Walter
    What great service from this company, i was very skeptical about the whole mail order thing as it being my first time but now my worries were set at ease with BBB will definitely be ordering again soon. I ordered 3 different strains and got a little rice krispy square treat which I have yet to try. 5 + star rating for BBB my order came to Ontario in less than 3 days no glitches at all, thanks again!
    Matt Walter
  • Scott Adams
    Just placed my first order and got the tracking number for Canada Post within 48 hours. From my experience with other cannabis mail order service everything looks in order, thanks a lot Best Bud B.C.. Look forward to reviewing the products!
    Scott Adams
  • Alex Willson
    By far the best quality, & customer service I’ve ever seen. I’ve bought many places & none have come close to the quality here, once I came across Best Bud B.C., I’ve been a loyal customer ever since! From their mind blowing creations, to superb buds that will blow your mind!
    Alex Willson
  • John Smith
    The edibles have been tasty, they pack a punch without sending you to another dimension without you knowing , the quality always seems to be the same, iv tried many, many weed strains.
    John Smith