Our Story

We set out to deliver the best marijuana in the world.

And we succeeded.

We have spent years building a solid reputation amongst medical patients and strongly support the use of medical cannabis products. We understand the needs of medical patients and cannabis consumers that may have trouble with access to a dispensary for any number of reasons (e.g., small communities, rural and remote locations, mobility-challenged individuals) and we believe they shouldn’t be forced to have to buy illegally on the streets. We have made the decision to offer full access to our Cannabis Mail Order Service to medical patients and recreational users anywhere in Canada, so they may have safe access to their cannabis products at any time.


One of the most popular debates between stoners is where they can find the best green. When talking about pot, beer or women, the best one is the one currently nearby and cheap, but this is not the method of thinking for everyone. There are some strains of bud that produce a better high, a better fragrance, the buzz lasts longer, and in general is a more pleasant experience. From the east coast to the west, there is a great deal of variation in Canadian weed, but for the best high, anything with B.C. in its name is a great bet.

We offer the HIGHEST QUALITY Cannabis products from B.C., recognized internationally as the best in the world. We provide LARGE SELECTION of strains, concentrates and edibles, made from award-winning strains developed, grown and processed here in beautiful British Columbia.